Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSK)

The musculoskeletal ultrasound MSK for short assesses the tendons and ligaments that hold the muscles and bones in alignment.  This ultrasound also evaluates the joint spaces for fluid or inflammation that may limit joint movement.  The sonographer will examine the area of interest by moving the probe in many different positions to obtain a complete set of images from all angles.  The area being examined will determine the position you will be in for the test.  For instance, the rotator cuff exam is performed while you are sitting while other areas require that you lay on your stomach or back.  

Types of MSK exams:  

Shoulder (includes rotator cuff)

Elbow joint and tendons

Wrist/Carpal Tunnel

Hand or fingers

Knee joint and tendons

Ankle joints

Achilles tendon

Foot or Toes

Plantar Fascia (sole of foot)

Muscle (lumps)

Hips bursa

Preparation:  No preparation is required.